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2017年2月12日12th February, 20172017年2月12日2017년2월12일
予選ラウンドを勝ち抜いた猛者たちが『JAEPO 2017』にて直接対決!Qualifiers of each title battle face to face in JAEPO!各機種預賽中脫穎而出的強者們將會在JAEPO2017中直接對決!예선 라운드를 통과한 각 타이틀의 강자들이 JAEPO2017에서 직접 대결!

決勝ラウンド詳細はこちらHere for details of finals決賽詳情在此결승 라운드 내용은 여기로


The Top 4 players who enter the Finals play the songs selected by Top 3 players. Player with the highest Total points that calculated from EX Score wins in the tournament becomes the champion.


1st = 2pt 2nd = 1pt 3rd ・ 4th = 0pt
* In the case of same EX Score will be given as the same ranking and points.The next ranked player won't be moved up.

Sudden Death

In the case that same points, additional song will be drawn from the assigned song list. Player with higher EX Score becomes the Chanpion.

Assigned song

Each player choose 1 songs from the assigned song list.

Sequence of play

From the player ranked 4th in preliminaries, finalists play 3 assigned songs respectively (3rd selected→2nd selected→1st selected).


チャンピオンプレート シングルプレー部門Champion plate SINGLE PLAYChampion plate SINGLE PLAYChampion plate SINGLE PLAY
チャンピオンプレート ダブルプレー部門Champion plate DOUBLE PLAYChampion plate DOUBLE PLAYChampion plate DOUBLE PLAY

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