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予選ラウンドはオンラインで行われます。 Preliminaries are held online. 預選以線上形式進行。 예선 라운드는 온라인으로 진행됩니다.
※ エントリー受付は終了しました * Application closed * 報名已經結束 * 엔트리 수속이 종료 되었습니다.


Preliminaries will be conducted of 3 assigned song groups and total score of all assigned songs. Top 2 players from each group with highest total scores top 2 ranked players of total score ranking will be qualified to final. (Total: 8)
Registration for The 6th KAC MÚSECA 1+1/2 is eligible to participate in all groups.

Assigned Songs

Group A
1st December, 2016(Thu)10:00~15th December, 2016(thu)10:00
Assigned SongsDifficulty
Group B
15th December, 2016(thu)10:00~29th December, 2016(thu)10:00
Assigned SongsDifficulty
Function #05
Laughin' Muffin
Group C
29th December, 2016(thu)10:00~12th January, 2017(thu)18:00
Assigned SongsDifficulty
kyokugen da!!
  • Scores will only be recorded after registration competition. Please notice that scores will not be recorded before the registration process completed even it is within the preliminaries period.
  • In the case that assigned songs are played more than one time, the higher score takes priority.
  • Ranking in each groups are determined in the following way.
    1. Higher total score takes priority.
    2. In the case of same total score, priority will be given to the player who achieved it by less number of plays.
    3. In the case of same number of plays, priority will be given to the player who achieved it first.
  • In the case that a player qualified to enter the Finals in more than one group, priority gives to Group A, then Group B then Group C, then total score of all assigned songs.
  • In the case that there are withdrawals or finalists shifted to another group, it will replace by player ranked next in the same group.
  • In the case that there are withdrawals during confirmation period, next ranked player will be updated accordingly.
  • Standby player will be selected by the total score ranking from Japan region.
  • Some part of assigned songs have to unlock to play, for details please check the music select screen in game.
  • Bold letters are added parts.(13th Dec 2016)

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