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Determine the Champion of Arcade Game Player, The 5th KONAMI Arcade Championship is held this year!

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「The 6th KAC」開催決定!

The 6th KONAMI Arcade Championship(6thKAC)サイトオープン!

The 6th KACサイト

About KONAMI Arcade Championship (KAC)

“The 5th KONAMI Arcade Championship” is the official event to determine the arcade game champion.
Top rankers in preliminaries gather in Tokaigi GP and Japan Amusement Expo 2016 (JAEPO 2016) and compete in the finals!To all Arcade Lovers and Arcade lover-to-be, please look forward to The 5th KONAMI Arcade Championship!

  • 大会エントリー
    Check the overview then entry!
  • 予選ラウンド
    Online play by arcade machine!
  • 決勝ラウンド
    Battle of top players qualified from preliminaries!

Titles participating in The 5th KAC

  1. Participating titles may be subject to unexpected change or cancel.


Qualifiers of each titles battle face to face in Tokaigi GP and JAEPO 2016! Finals are open to public.

Finals are scheduled to live streaming in YouTube. Stay tuned!

The 5th KAC開会宣言動画アーカイブ

The 5th KAC開会宣言
12月10日(木)13時~、東京レジャーランド パレットタウン店にて、“DJ YOSHITAKA”が「The 5th KAC」の開会宣言を行いました! BEMANIアーティストKACトークライブや実演プレーなど楽しい企画が盛りだくさん。

出演者:DJ YOSHITAKA、せらみかる(ゲーム実況 もっと!わくわく荘)、ほしケチ、DOLCE.、二階堂瑠美プロ、宣伝部田中、L.E.D.、dj TAKA、U1-ASAMi、wac、PON、Cody、Des-ROW、DJ TOTTO、Sota Fujimori