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jubeat prop 予選ラウンドルール・課題曲ページ(The 5th KAC)

Entry period closed(エントリー状況の確認はこちら)(Confirm the entry status)(網站來報名或確認報名狀態。)(엔트리 상황을 확인)

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Preliminaries are held online.
※Entry period closed
예선 라운드는 온라인으로 진행됩니다.
※엔트리 수속이 종료 되었습니다.

Top 8 players with highest total scores in assigned courses will qualify to Final.

Assigned Songs

The 5th KAC 〜tracks of prop〜
Assigned Songs Difficulty
overcomplexification EXTREME
Niflheimr EXTREME
glacia [ 2 ] EXTREME
  • It will be conducted in HARD MODE.
  • Scores will only be recorded after registration competition. Please notice that scores will not be recorded before the registration process completed even it is within the preliminaries period.
  • If an assigned song is played more than once, the higher score will be counted.
  • In the event that more than 8 players ranked the quality level, priority will be given to the player who achieved it first.